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Digital Marketing Services

Infobankmedia believes in partnerships. Getting to know your business is vital to providing the highest return on investment for your marketing dollars. No “pie in the sky” promises here. We communicate with each other, I research your market, we create a customized plan, we develop real world strategies employing expert techniques that produce measurable results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Infobankmedia SEO fills in ALL the blanks! A great website counts for nothing if people can’t find it! That’s why search engine optimization is critical. Proven SEO programs will help your website rank higher, giving your business the online visibility it needs in order to succeed.

There’s a lot more to SEO than you’ve been told. Content marketing, building your back-links, local SEO, and on-page SEO, whatever your website needs in order to be found, that’s what will be built into your customized SEO program.

Local Search

Search engine optimization is essential for “brick and mortar” small businesses that want to remain competitive. Given the growing trend towards location-specific web searches, it’s a valuable marketing tool for companies with physical locations. Google My Business is a major factor in showing up in “maps listings.”

I’m talking about your business being found when people are trying to find what they want when using their mobile devices. Customers are trying to find what they want and you have RIGHT NOW! By working to increase your prevalence in local search engine results and maps listings, the SEO expertise that I deploy can help you to gain more local customers. 

Website Design and Development

Put your best foot forward and make sure your business stands heads and shoulders above the crowd! I’m talking about maximum power SEO websites! Not only will your website look GREAT, but it will also be super user-friendly.

That means easy to navigate so your customers don’t get frustrated trying to find what they want and need. Imagine what a customized website built to drive traffic and maximize conversions could do for your business! Think more attention which equals attracting more visitors who turn into more paying customers. Won’t that make your bottom line happy? Sure it will.

Reputation Management

Do you know how good your business’s reputation is online? If you’re not sure, that could mean problems…problems you might not even be aware of. The internet is vast which can make it difficult to not only keep track of your online reputation but to also make sure you are getting consistently good reviews.

When people search for products or services online, what helps them to choose one business over another? They can’t test your services. You may have some good pictures of what you offer, but so may the competition. Knowing this, your potential customer will check your reputation. They will take a look at your reviews. They will read what kind of experience other people have had with your business.

How a Negative Reputation Affects Your Business

It all comes down to this, people buy from businesses they trust. Negative reviews can ruin that trust before you even have a chance to serve that particular customer. Maybe you don’t actually deserve a negative review. Maybe one of your competitors is unethical and has, in an underhanded manner, ruined your online reputation. That is disastrous!

The Solution

Now imagine taking control of your online reputation. Imagine having customers happily provide great reviews. Imagine never having to fear the damage a negative review could do to your business. 

Imagine having a system that consistently gets top reviews from your customers time after time without you having to do practically anything. 

Sound like a dream come true? Pretty close? 

Well, that’s what I can do for your business when you select one of my Reputation Management packages.  

Social Media Marketing

Employing targeted social media techniques and strategies encourage engagement with your target audience, building unique, memorable brand awareness, and continually growing traffic to your site is what marketing with social media is all about. Combining all that I just mentioned with helping you to create and launch shareable content, means greater reach for your business and more potential customers.

From Posting Services to Social Campaigns, I will improve your presence on Facebook, Instagram and more.