9 Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business’

9 Social Media Power Tips

February 2, 2022

Social Media Guide for Small Business

social media benefitsThe use of social media marketing has become an essential part of the business world. It’s not just for big companies anymore. It is also for smaller ones. The reason is that many people are continually turning to social media to find out about products and services. If you want to see more success for your local business, then you need to know how to use social media to your advantage. Here are some tips on how small businesses can make the most out of their social media efforts.

Step by Step Social Media Marketing

Get Set and Post

1. Set up Social Media Accounts. Make sure you’re using as many social media sites available as time and money allow. Your business should be on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram. Do not ignore the benefits of using video. Get started with YouTube and Vimeo. Video can be effectively used on Facebook and Instagram too. Tik Tok is another platform for video marketing. These sites are the most popular at the moment and can get results for your local business. Here’s a word of warning to remember. It is better to use a couple of these platforms well rather than attempting to use them all poorly.

2. Post content of interest. This doesn’t mean that you have to make a bunch of posts every single day. Just make sure you have something new, fun, or helpful to say. To get the best returns for your efforts, be consistent over time. Prepare yourself to devote quite a bit of time and effort for learning, creating, and posting. You want to get it right, don’t you?

Branding, Advertising & Promotion

3. Get your name out there. Branding is a big deal. Branding helps your customers and potential customers to know and understand what your business is all about. Finding and participating in Facebook groups and pages related to the goods and services your business offers is good grassroots marketing. A little involvement in a courteous, helpful manner in groups and pages can pay dividends for your business. Posting friendly, valuable comments on social media and blogs helps people do business with you. We’re building relationships here.

4. Use social media as a form of advertising. It is the modern-day equivalent of word-of-mouth advertising. Many people will see your posts and read reviews about your business on their favorite social media platforms. Think advertising without spending any money. There are time and effort costs, though.

5. Promote your company. Though similar, promotion and branding are different. Promotion is the act of keeping your company in the public eye. You can also focus on specific events or happenings. Social media posting is all about getting the word out! Making sure your company or company event is mentioned in your posted content promotes your business. In most cases, do not go for a hard sell with social. You’re simply keeping in the public eye. If you want to be more consistently gung-ho, consider diving in with paid ads on social platforms. With paid ad targeting options, the ability to laser target your desired customer audience is possible.

Enjoy, Engage, Create

6. Have fun with it. Being entertaining and amusing draws people in. Don’t take it too seriously, too often. You don’t want to turn people off. Humor and lightheartedness create memories that stick. Creativity pays off when making your posts.

7. Relationship building. Social media is not a one-way street. It is virtual socializing. Without engaging with your audience, you might as well shout in an empty room. Respond to comments. Answer questions. Be timely. You’ll be amazed at the results.

8. Be creative. This point is different from what I mentioned previously. I’m talking more of a big-picture view. Don’t just post the same things every time. Posting uninteresting and redundant content is not helpful. Change things up. Try to create new content ideas, different designs, and different approaches. Information, value, and entertainment should be blended and rotated in your posts. Think about the “look” of your posts, for example. How can you make your posts more visually appealing?

Links are Needed

9. Don’t forget to link back to your website. You’ve been using Facebook to build an audience. Why not give them someplace to go? Why not direct them to take action? Posting content with a link that your audience can click will lead your current and potential customers to your website. You want more visitors to your website. That is basic. So, help them get there. Make it as easy for them as possible. That’s what links do. Links are powerful!

Marketing with Social Media Equals Opportunity

Social platforms offer an abundance of opportunities for smart local business owners. Learn the ropes and take advantage of the opportunities to make your small business stand above your competitors. And don’t be afraid to ramp things up by hiring a professional. If you need some help growing your business with social media marketing, call Infobankmedia SEO.


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